snakemap.jpgWelcome to your English workspace

On this website, you will be informed about all the aims and objectives for the various themes we will be working with this year. You will also create your own wikispace where you will upload all your work during the year. By the end of the year, your work on your wikispace will be assessed as part of your grade. The other areas I will assess are your participation in discussions in class and your oral presentations. I will also assess you ability to understand what you read and what you understand when you listen to English. Assessment will be located in Skolearena, where I assess your work and you assess your own work.

2BAB3+4; ta med lærebok, lesebok, papir og penn til forberedelsen til årsprøven 23/4 ca 4 ganger igjen før avslutningen
Skriftlig eksamen i uke 21: 25+26 mai. Muntlig eksamen tirsdag 15 juni.
2STF 1+2; I uke 16,17,18 blir det redusert pga andre eksamener. Vi arbeider med Manuela.. FØR 12/5 må alle arbeid som skal vurderes være levert. Skr eksamen 21/5 Muntl eksamen 15 juni..

Today's game: a christmas carol

When it comes to the course, there are three important things that we will work with.

1) Content.

We will work with things that you find interesting, the news and things that happen in the world, literature, film, Internet and facts. You should know something about the English speaking world when you finish. (Go toæreplaner/ )There is a plan for the whole year: and we will make plans locally as we go along.

2) Structure.

You will learn how to write and read e-mails, reports, literary essays, CVs, news articles, literature, websites etc. If you don't like to write, don't worry, I will guide you. You willbe able to write at least two pages of English in a structured way by thwe end opf the course.

3) language

You will start from the level you are at and you will then work with expressions that are useful so that you can express yourself both in a professional way in your trade and in more everyday use.